HEM Wide Flange Saw


HEM Wide Flange WF130HA-DC-CTS (made in the USA)

STEELFAB would like to introduce the newest addition to our facility. This saw is top-of-the-line when it comes to cutting steel material efficiently and right down to the last spec. The saw was installed in March 2018, which was perfect timing for our busy summer time projects. If you have a large project that requires multiple cuts and you do not have the capabilities to do so, let STEELFAB assist you and keep your project running smoothly! If you have questions about what this or any other piece of equipment can do, contact STEELFAB today!

  • Capacity: 27″ W x 18″ H Bar-feed: 0-48″ (Stroke Servo Twin Ball-Screw – Multiple Index)
    Blade: 21’0″ x 1.5″ x .050″
    Hydraulic Motor: 5 HP
    Motor: 10 HP